pigeonride profile

pigeonride ~ summer morning bike rides for tech friends, whilst on an audiohang

this is a brainchild from aaron b/c he wanted to exercise with tech friends, but didn't want to pitch and run (hates running), nor pitch and walk (not enough of a workout)

what he really wanted was to pitch and ride 🚴‍♂️

except maybe with less pitching...and more good vibes. so that's how we got pigeonride


  • most wednesday mornings. next one: Wednesday, July 19th
  • that morning, join the smalltalk with one earbud in ~~ so we can talk & listen to the same music, but don't have to be right next to each other​
  • byo bike or grab a citibike along the route
  • to RSVP, text aaron an emoji of your choice the day before — 631.885.2860