Bus illegally parked in the bike lane… again

I am really happy that Boston finally put in a bike lane on Brookline ave. Before it was there I felt like I was risking my life every time I had to ride on the stretch between bestbuy and Longwood ave. I ride there 5 days a week.

Now that there is a bike lane and things aren’t so scary, but all is not well.  ‘Paul Revere’ LMA Shuttle buses have been parking in the bike lane for months now. The other day I noticed that the entire street is lined with ‘No parking’ signs that would be pretty hard to miss.

Today there was a bus in the bike lane again, and he was not safe to pass, so I decided to ask the driver why he was parked there…

Can someone explain to me how this can be legal?

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4 Responses to Bus illegally parked in the bike lane… again

  1. I’m from the Harvard Longwood Bicyclists, and I just wanted you to know that we’re looking into this, and will hopefully solve the problem very soon.

  2. Andrew Schwartz says:

    Paul Revere operates as a contractor for many services, including LMA, Massport and suffolk downs shuttles as well as the 712/713 public buses in Winthrop. While they are a contracted operator, they lack the customer service and social media presence for complaint resolutions, falling on the deaf ears of middlemen like Massport. This approach needs to change immediately.

  3. Paul says:

    Stay safe out there, and keep pressure on the people that don’t seem to care. People have lost their lives on these streets biking, so it’s no exaggeration. Keep that camera rolling!

  4. Dear Sir:
    Your observation of a MASCO shuttle parked in the bike lane on Brookline Avenue was brought to our attention. I believe you received a response from Paul Revere, our contractor, and that additional measures are being taken to ensure this does not continue.

    We here at MASCO worked closely with the City of Boston in planning the bike lane that MASCO then funded and installed. Accessible, safe, reliable and economical transportation into and around the LMA is a cornerstone of our mission. We work tirelessly on the state and local levels to improve access to the LMA for the 46,000 people who work here and the 102,000 people who travel into the LMA each day. Please do consider us a resource for you should you have additional information to share or issues to be addressed.


    Christine Fennelly
    Strategic Communications Director

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