Asshole driver doesn’t believe in bike lanes

Had another fun commute this morning. Was riding on Comm ave and noticed a car ahead of me which was really far into the bike lane.. and then I had the pleasure of its sole occupant introducing himself to me and we had a pleasant discussion about the weather:

In other news, the company that made my helmet cam went out of business. The camera came with some really convenient software that allowed me to easily upload all my videos to their site. All of these were deleted without notice and so now they are gone. I still have some of them backed up but as full 3-5GB files containing entire rides. I don’t have time right now to go through them.

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The amazing performance

Went on a 40 mile pigeon ride last Sunday cause i gotta do some training for the “hub on wheels” thing I signed up for. Nothing too exciting happened until I biked by a dilapidated outdoor stage. The stage had a shirtless man sitting on it drinking what looked like a 40, a few feet away from the man lay a cat. The cat was sun bathing. Here is that performance. Volume will need to be adjusted to hear what he was saying to me.


Next, here is an old video of me frightening a young woman. This is a good one to watch frame by frame

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Bus illegally parked in the bike lane… again

I am really happy that Boston finally put in a bike lane on Brookline ave. Before it was there I felt like I was risking my life every time I had to ride on the stretch between bestbuy and Longwood ave. I ride there 5 days a week.

Now that there is a bike lane and things aren’t so scary, but all is not well.  ‘Paul Revere’ LMA Shuttle buses have been parking in the bike lane for months now. The other day I noticed that the entire street is lined with ‘No parking’ signs that would be pretty hard to miss.

Today there was a bus in the bike lane again, and he was not safe to pass, so I decided to ask the driver why he was parked there…

Can someone explain to me how this can be legal?

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Don’t mess with Steve…

Here is a picture of Steve when he had some sweet goggles on:

Riding along another beantown bootcamp workout:

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Praise The Cat Jesus!

I was biking along today and met a nice man handing out those christian brochures. I was taking some from him so I could give them to other people who also didn’t want them.
We started talking about religion… He was trying to convert me to Christianity and I was telling him the truth, that Jesus was actually a house cat.

Here is the video:

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Another day in the life of Steve

Here are some things that happened to Steve last month. Some girls freaking out:

A pigeon is a dangerous bird. I should be careful..

“Thats fucked up” – Spoken with so much conviction!

I have some more amazing shit coming up that ive been too lazy to upload. Stay tuned!

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My First Race Victory!

I won my first race the other day. I am very proud of myself, even though I clearly had more training than my competitors*. More on that later…

I also filmed the police! I needed to get on that shit with all the videos of filming the police going viral. So here is my police filming video – all ready to go viral cause i am a “free man of the land” or something:

I saved the best for last. Here is my triumphant race win. I have wanted to race someone up beacon hill for a while. My best time is 57 seconds from bottom to top, but i digress, here is a shorter race that I won recently.

* – I had just one competitor, because everyone else was to afraid to race against me.

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Some guy thought that Steve was real for longer than the usual 2-3 seconds.  Some times people never figure out that he is dead/fake, but I dont have a video of that yet.

In other news, one of my friends (who once built a really cool robot) is working on a project to make treads (like on a tank) that you could put on anything (like a couch). I think its a pigonride worthy cause, so you should go give him some of your beer money:

And here is that video:

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On my way home from work I ride under the Brooks courthouse where I often see Beantown Bootcamp doing their workouts. John, the guy who leads the bootcamp recently told me that he had bought some of George Washington’s artwork. The other day he was kind enough to show me a picture of one of the artworks that he had on his phone.

The art is pretty good, my only regret is inadvertently causing 20 people to “bear crawl”.

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More videos from last ride

The Hubway guy was very supportive of pigeonriding as a sport:

I saw some turists trying to get a nice picture of the boston common. I tried to get in it, but for some reason they didn’t want me in it.

I wasn’t sure how far to go with my “killing steve” story. I tried to keep it PG for these kids. “Thats just weird” was the response.

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